How to Add Money to Fire Kirin Account?

Fire Kirin is a gaming app that attracts several players. But many of the players don’t know How to Add Money to Fire Kirin Account. Hope so this content helps you a lot and you can easily deposit money in the Fire Kirin account. After that, you can play and enjoy the games with earning. Stay happy and continue reading.

How to Add Money to Fire Kirin Account?

Follow the steps to add money to your Fire Kirin account;

  1. Go to the Fire Kirin webpage.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. After login click the Wallet Tab.
  4. Navigate to Funds and click on it.
  5. Input the deposit amount and press next.
  6. Select the method of payment that you want and press next.
  7. Correctly fill in all the desired fields and press the “Confirm Transfer” button.
  8. After confirmation, the amount is transferred to the Fire Kirin account in seconds.

How to Add Money to Fire Kirin Account

How to Add Money to Fire Kirin Account with Cash App?

By following these steps, you can easily add money with the cash app to the Fire Account;

  1. Open the cash app on your device.
  2. Go to the send button and press it.
  3. Now input the sending amount.
  4. Now enter your Fire Kirin account email address.
  5. For the transaction details by a link, choose the option if needed or not.
  6. After pressing the next button, you shortly receive a verification code through SMS.
  7. Now input the 8-digit verification code.
  8. After verification, you receive a message “Congratulations! You have successfully added money to your Fire Kirin Account”.

Troubleshoot the Money-Adding Problems

When you are not able to add money to the Fire Kirin account due to some problem then follow these steps to resolve the issue;

  • Change the settings of your device.
  • Try to add the amount to your account from a different browser.
  • If the problem is not resolved then Delete the app and reinstall it.

Acquire the Fire Kirin Bonus

If you are a new or regular player of Fire Kirin, then you must be surprised to know about the bonuses. Fire Kirin gives you a bonus when you deposit or add money into your account. Fire Kirin offers you these bonuses;

  • A new player gets $5 after BitPlay sign-up.
  • Get a 50% welcome Bonus after selecting the Online Fire Kirin.
  • Get a 20% bonus on 2nd and 3rd
  • Get a 50% bonus on your birthday.

You can use these bonuses for playing any game of Fire Kirin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do you earn money on Fire Kirin?

A: Fire Kirin is an app that gives you the chance to earn while playing. You have to play the game and complete all the tasks without closing or switching the apps to earn points. Players can also earn points by account visiting and video watching. Later on, the player can also redeem the cash reward against those points.


You learn well How to Add Money to Fire Kirin Account? Hope that in the future you won’t face any issues regarding this. Now you can add money to the Fire Kirin account through the webpage by just logging and following the instructions.  If it’s not possible then you can also add money to the account by the cash app. Both are easy and you know them well. Fire Kirin gives you multiple bonuses like a welcome bonus, birthday bonus, and every deposit bonus, etc. Now add money to your account, and earn while enjoying the game at home.

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