How Long Does the Flight Club Take to Ship?

You may be one of those who ordered their shoes with the Flight Club and now you are excitedly waiting for them. Then you must want to know How Long Does the Flight Club Take to Ship. No need to get in a panic because we are always with you to solve your problems. Flight Club’s main purpose is to deliver your order on time. To get all the details stay with us and clear your confusion.

How Long Does the Flight Club Take to Ship?

If you want a comfortable walk stylishly then Flight Club is the best option because they fulfill all your sneakers need. Flight Club is well known for its amazing customer service so you can trust them. The shipment service of Flight Club varies on your selected shipment method. Fight Clubs offers you “Lowest Price” and “Fastest to You” shipments. This shipment methodology decides how fast you get your order.

How Long Does the Flight Club Take to Ship

How Long Does the Flight Club Take to Ship to the United States?

The Flight Club shipping depends on your budget which decides the shipping time. If you have a good budget and want, you order faster then “Faster for you” is the best option for you. Otherwise “Lowest Price” is also a good choice.

  • Lowest Price Shipment takes 7 to 10 working days for shipping within the United States. This duration doesn’t include the Public Holidays.
  • Fastest to You Shipment takes 4 to 6 days for the shipment within the United States. You can also reduce the shipment time if you place your order before 2 PM. If you place the order before 2 pm then your order may be delivered within 3 to 5 days.
  • Faster to You Shipment with next-day shipping takes 2 working days if the order is placed after 2 pm. If you place the order before 2 pm then it takes only 1 working day for shipping.

Shipping may be delayed due to ant public holiday. This time duration is only for the United States. After placing the order, you get a conformational mail with all the tracking details so that you can easily track your order.

Flight Club Shipping Cost

The shipping cost of the flight club varies by location. The shipping charges for domestic shipping are “$14.75“, the Canada shipment charges “$30“, Armed Forces of America and Europe pay “$40“. Alaska and Hawaii pay “$27.50” while all the other countries pay “$40“. For heavy and extra items customers must have to pay extra charges.

International Shipment of Flight Clubs

The shipment of international flight club customers depends on the country and the chosen shipment method. The shipping service of Global Express takes 2 to 7 days. While Priority Mail 6 to 10 working days. International orders may or may not include customs and duties. So international customers must check their country in the Delivered Duties Paid (DDP) list. If the list holds your country’s name, then no taxes and duties are applied otherwise you fall in the Delivered Duties Unpaid (DDU) group and now you have to pay all the taxes and duties when you collect the order. Flight Club doesn’t pay it for you.


Flight Club is best for the shoes orders they always take care of their customers and their comfort. Hope so you are satisfied and know How Long Does the Flight Club Take to Ship. Your “Lowest Price” shipment is delivered in 7 to 10 days and “Fast to You” shipment is delivered in 4 to 6 business days. Now you can easily order your shoes on your doorstep and also collect them from the Flight Club stores. Make your steps easy and comfortable.

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