How to Remove Grass Stains from Jeans?

You spent the day well and your jeans get a grass stain? You are worried about How to Remove Grass Stains from Jeans because that’s your favorite. Don’t worry grass stains can be removed easily.

How to Remove Grass Stains from Jeans?

Removing grass strain from clothes is easy but from jeans is a bit tricky. At this time the best guide for stain removal is trying to remove it as soon as possible. You can get rid of grass stains by choosing the best detergent and the right way of washing. Always try to use cold water when you try to remove grass strain because hot water makes the grass stain sticky and difficult for us to remove. The best way to remove the grass stains from the jeans is here in detail. Following these steps remove stains quickly;

How to Remove Grass Stains from Jeans

  1. Soak the Jeans in Cold Water

The first and foremost step is to remove the extra dust and grass from the jeans. So take a tub and add some cold water. Dip your jeans in it and leave for 30 minutes. By soaking the pigments of the fiber start losing.

  1. Pre-treat the Grass Stains with Vinegar

Now it’s time to get the get jeans out of the tub. Pull out the jeans and spread them on a flat surface. Now ready the mixture of warm water and vinegar. Take both in equal quantities and mix well. Now pour the mixture over the stain or dab the mixture with the cloth on the stain. Now leave it for five minutes so that the mixture sits and try to remove the stain.

  1. Treat the Stain with Detergent

Now directly apply the enzyme detergent or non-chlorine bleach on the grass stains. If they are in liquid format, then best to make a paste of it by adding a little bit of water and then covering the grass stains with it. Now massage the cleaner or detergent for 5 minutes over the stains with the help of a smooth brush.

  1. Let’s Sit and Wait

Now it’s time to chill a little bit so relax for 10- 15 minutes. During this time duration the enzymes of the detergent work on the grass stain.

  1. Rinse and Check

It’s time to be surprised or not so let’s see what happens. Wash the stained area with cold water and check whether the grass stains (green stains) removed or not. If not, then repeat the above steps 2 to 4 again. After stain removal wash it again separately in the laundry.

  1. Hang Dry

Dry the jeans only once when all the grass stains are removed. Hang it and dry it too. If you want a last try for your blur stains, then try to dry it under the sunlight.

Remove Grass Stains from Jeans without washing

You can also remove the grass stains from the jeans without washing them. There are serval reasons behind this but don’t worry its possible by rubbing the alcohol. Follow these steps;

  • Take some cotton balls or a sponge and alcohol.
  • Saturated the stains with alcohol.
  • Wait until the alcohol dries up.
  • Now wash it with cold water.
  • Now take liquid detergent and put it on the affected area. Rub it tills the stain faded.
  • Wash it again with cold water and dry it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can you get grass stains out of jeans?

A: Yes we can get the grass stains out of jeans by following some basic steps that include soaking in water and vinegar. Then wash and rub with detergent. At the end wash and dry up.

Q: Does Vinegar remove grass stains?

A: Yes, Vinegar removes grass stains because it is acidic and is useful in breaking stains.

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