Does Tinder Delete Inactive Accounts?

Tinder is famous among youngsters but if someone is not active due to some reasons then they are afraid Does Tinder Delete Inactive Accounts? Don’t worry Tinder is an app that takes care of your security as well. Your visibility is reduced with the increase of inactive time. The Tinder account is deleted after 2 years due to inactivity or the company policies.

Does Tinder Delete Inactive Accounts?

Tinder is the most commonly used app in the group of youngsters. They use it for dating and after finding a date they reduce the app use. As your app use or activity reduces your visibility on the app also reduces but your account is not deleted by Tinder. Your visibility to others is only increasing when you are active on Tinder.

Tinder also takes care of your privacy that’s why if you are inactive for some time then Tinder logs out your account and you can log in when needed. If you are not logged in for 7 days and remain inactive then your profile visibility is decreased. But your linked friends can see your profile and message you as well. Tinder waits for you for 2 years but if you have not logged in within this duration then your account may be terminated by the Tinder app.

Does Tinder Delete Inactive Accounts

When does Tinder Delete Inactive accounts?

Inactive accounts are deleted after 2 years due to the company policies. The reason behind this may be the slow server processing that disturbs the performance of active users. So Tinder deleted all the inactive accounts to clear the server from junk data.

How Long Does a Tinder Profile Stay Active After You Delete the App?

No matter whether you delete the Tinder app or not your profile still exists until you delete your account. So if you delete the app your account still exists and show in searches. As you know your visibility depends on your activeness. If you are not active, then your visibility decreases day by day and on the 7th day, you are completely invisible on the Tinder.

If you want to remove your Tinder account, then app deletion is not necessary you have to just delete your account, and your problem is solved.

How to delete a Tinder Account?

You can delete your Tinder account by following these steps;

  • Open your Tinder app if not then install it.
  • Login to your account if you forget any details then reset it.
  • Now go to the Tinder settings by clicking on the Tinder icon at the bottom of the homepage and click on setting.
  • Scroll down for the “Delete Account” option and click it.
  • On verification again choose the “Delete My Account” option.
  • Once again Tinder confirms the decision verify it and soon you receive a confirmation message “Your Tinder Account was Deleted”.

You have successfully deleted the Tinder account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long do you have to be inactive on Tinder to not show up?

A: As you are inactive on Tinder your profile visibility decreases and within a week or 7 days, you are not shown on Tinder. Even you are not appearing in searches.

Q: Can you tell if someone has been active on Tinder?

A: You can see green dots in front of some profiles that present active persons. Gold and Platinum subscribers of Tinders can see the active persons with green dots in their “Like You” grid. So if you see a green dot with any profile it means that person is online.

Q: Does Tinder show inactive profiles?

A: When a profile is not active then Tinder starts disappearing the profile. As time passes the inactive profile does not appear in the searches and at a time they completely disappear

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