What to Wear White Water Rafting?

Are you planning for white water rafting and you can’t choose What to Wear White Water Rafting? This packing is a bit tricky because of your confusion. As you are going on this thrilling White Water Rafting trip so make sure you carry the right outfit and enjoy your trip without any problem.

What to Wear White Water Rafting?

When you are going on a White water rafting tour must remember that you have to Wear your clothes in layers. So that you can easily adjust your clothes in the river without any hesitation. In this way, you stay comfortable during the whole trip because you can easily add and remove your layers according to the temperature. Maybe the exterior temperature changes or your body temperature rises or falls. The things that you must have to wear while on a water rafting trip are as follows;

  • Wear Your PFD

PFD stands for Personal Floating Device. It is also known as a live jacket. Because this is only one outfit that keeps you safe from drowning in water during water rafting. So be careful and always keep your PDF with you on any water tour.

  • Helmet

Wearing a helmet during water rafting is also beneficial. Because it saves your head from any injury if you fall from the raft near the rock. Maybe a helmet is provided to you because it matters from place to place. But you can take your helmet for your safety. Make sure you carry a fixed helmet that also fits you.

The layers and outfits that you wear or carry with you also depend on the condition of the weather and the water. According to that they are classified here.

What to Wear White Water Rafting?

What to Wear White Water Rafting Cold?

In cold you have to carry and wear these outfits;

  • First Layer

Wear such a layer that dries quickly. That may be a bathing suit or any board suit etc.  which can’t pinch under a wet suit

  • Wet Suit

Wearing a wet suit is better than other clothes in cold weather. If a small amount of water confines the wetsuit then it observes your body heat and keeps you warm during the rafting.

  • Neoprene Gloves and Booties

Wearing booties and gloves of neoprene keep you warm in cold weather during a rafting tour.

  • Splash Jacket

Wearing a splash jacket is essential because it is waterproof and protects you from water and air. In this way, your body is protected from cold

  • Splash Pants

Like the splash jackets splash pants are also available. These pant’s ankles are sealed so that water stays out of your body.

  • Wool and Synthetic Layers

To stay warm in cold weather you also need to wear woollen and synthetic clothes layers under your splash jacket and pants. This layer is above your bathing clothes too.

What to Wear White Water Rafting in Summer?

Wear these clothes for white water rafting in the summer;

  • First Layer

As the weather is hot you can wear shorts and any comfortable quick-drying clothes.

  • Sandals

Wear sandals that fit on your foot and don’t fall again and again. The sandals are waterproof too. You can also wear your old sneakers if you don’t mind that they are wet. Or choose such saddles that have strap-on heels.

  • Head Wear

If you wear a helmet then wear a hat under it. Otherwise wearing a hat or a cap that protects you from the sun is compulsory.

  • Eye Wear

Wearing glasses in Summer is beneficial. Just like that Wearing sunglasses during white water rafting in summer also protects eyes from sunburn. Wear tight Glasses with a strap.

  • Sunscreen Clothes

Rafting in Summer is like the skin burning. So protect yourself with sun screening if you can’t apply it again and again when you become wet. Then Wearing sunscreen clothes is beneficial. Try to wear light full-sleeved clothes with gloves, sunglasses and a hat.

  • Sun Screen

Always carry sunscreen with you so that your skin is protected from sunburn. Apply it again when your skin is wet.

What not to Wear in white water rafting?

  • Don’t wear shoes that are loose or have open toes.
  • Don’t wear flip-flops.
  • Don’t carry jewellery with you because it may fall and you lose your costly items.
  • Don’t wear cotton clothes.
  • Don’t wear jeans because they may be uncomfortable.
  • Keep your important items like key chains, wallets, cell phones etc. at home or car. So that they protect from being damaged.

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