How Far is Clearwater from Orlando?

If you want to visit Florida and want to know How Far is Clearwater from Orlando? Then you are at the right place. The approximate distance from Orlando to Clearwater is approximately 106 miles. But traveling from one place to the other place always depends on serval factors. A similar case is here distance from Orlando to Clearwater also depends on the time (which time of the day like traffic hours), day (day of the week like weekend or workday), time (time of the year means new year, etc.), and the means of transport.

From Orland to Clearwater by Car/ Rent a Car

If you like the freedom and have a car, then you can go there by yourself. But if you don’t have your car but still prefer the freedom then you can also take a car for rent. It’s best to explore the Clearwater.  From a car, you can reach Clearwater from Orland in just 2 hours.

How Far is Clearwater from Orlando

From Orland to Clearwater by Bus

A bus is the cheapest means of transportation if you have a short budget or want to save money then the bus is the best option. You can take a bus to travel from Orland to Clearwater Beach some buses offer shuttle services between these cities. You can book your seat online or by phone call. Two companies Greyhound and Megabus offer the regular shuttle service and within 2 and a half hours drop you over there.

From Orland to Clearwater by Train

Traveling by train is also joyful if you like because it’s a time-consuming journey. The Orland train station is located 13 miles southeast of Clearwater. So this journey is completed in 2 hours and 40 minutes. After reaching the Clearwater train station take a car, bus, or taxi to reach the Clearwater destination.

From Orland to Clearwater by Share Ride

If you want a comfortable ride within the budget, then sharing a ride is the best choice. You have to just book a shared ride from the app using your smartphone. Wait and track your ride. Shortly driver arrives go and enjoy your trip. It takes 2 hours to reach Clearwater. Traffic may affect the ride.

From Orland to Clearwater by Flight/ Plane

If you want to travel from Orland to Clearwater by plane, then there is no direct flight over there. It’s the fastest way but by a long route. The nearest airport to Clearwater is Tampa which is at a distance of 40 minutes by car. So if take a flight then you reach Tampa and then take a taxi or car for Clearwater.

From Orland to Clearwater by Private Transfer

If you don’t like public transport or renting a car, then the other option is private Transport. They offer a comfortable journey in a private vehicle like a sedan or minivan. They pick you up from your door and drop you at your destination.

Distance of Clearwater from Orland concerning Time and Day

The Clearwater is at a distance of 106 miles from Orland and it’s a 1hour and 45 Minutes journey. But the time be increase depending on the traffic and the time of the day.

  • During peak traffic hours the travelling hours may increase. The traveling peak hours are the morning and evening. There is heavy traffic at this duration that’s why it is difficult to reach Clearwater from Orland within 2 hours.
  • During the holidays or special events, you experience heavier traffic than on normal days. these events include the Annual Disney Marathon, Wine Festivals, etc. and during these holidays the traffic increases that’s why it’s difficult to reach Clearwater within 2 hours.

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