How to Get Weed Smell Out of Car?

Are you one of those who feel a weed smell in the car and want to get rid of it? But How to Get Weed Smell Out of Car? it’s a big problem because if the car is not clean or not fresher smelling then you can’t enjoy driving. But don’t worry every problem has a solution. As you know weed smell is upholstery and spread all over the car so deep cleaning is the best option. You can get rid of it by just following these steps;

  1. Roll Down the Windows

To remove the weed smell, you just need some fresh air in the car. Open the door and window of your car. The smell didn’t disperse completely but started reducing.

  1. Vacuum the Interior

Remove the trash from your car including cigarette ends and Ash etc. Now start cleaning your car by using the car vacuum. Start from the top and end at the bottom so that all the dust and trash that fall on seats or mats will be removed. Also clean the car seats and pockets, under the seats, dashboard, door panel, and trunk area.

How to Get Weed Smell Out of Car

  1. Wipe Surfaces

This strong weed smell settles on the surface of the car and can’t go easily. So clean the interior of your car with the car interior clean. If not, then take water add a few drops of dishwashing soap in it, and use it for interior cleaning. The fingers of the weed smoker also smelled and the thing touched by these fingers must be smelled. So especially clean such areas like steering, gear, door handles, etc.

  1. Deep Clean the Car Seats

If you carpeted your car and you have fiber seats, then it may smell up. Because the fiber observes the smell. To remove the smell from fiber steam cleaning is required. Take car steam cleaner and microfiber cloths and do the cleaning like this;

  • Don’t touch the steam cleaner novel and move over the fiber.
  • Ensure cleaning by overlapping passes. All dirt, stains, and bacteria break down due to the high temperature.
  • After steaming now quickly clean all the car with the microfiber clothes.

Microfiber clothes ensure that the surface is cleaned and dried up as well. Highly observant and best for fiber is microfiber clothes.

  1. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your car can also be useful to get rid of weed smell. Make it your habit that you must have to clean the car daily so that minor weed smell can be tackled before it gets worse. Clean and wash the fibers that are removable. Try to clean the car interior with detergent or with a water-vinegar solution. This is also useful in maintaining the car’s condition.

  1. Use Air Freshener

Always keep an air freshener in your that removes the minor weed smell and your car always has a pleasant smell that also pleasant the car environment.

How to Get Weed Smell Out of Car Vent?

When you smoke inside the car and your HVAC (heating, ventilation, Air Conditioner) systems work then weed smell also settles in it. With time it sticks inside and when you switch on the HVAC system it spreads in the car. You can clean your vent in this way;

  • Take a car cleaning brush that fits in the vent and then clean them. Blow air is also used throughout the dust.
  • Now steam clean the AC vents to remove the weed smell.
  • Otherwise, contact the auto technician and ask to replace the air vents because the old and dirty smell always causes a weed smell.

Factors Contribute to Weed Smell In the Car

Following the causes of weed smell ;

  • The transportation of Cannabis Products.
  • Porous Material may stuck in the Car interior.
  • Take marijuana in the Car.
  • Confined space inside the car.

These are the main reasons that often cause the weed smell in your car and disturb your driving. Always try to keep these things away from your car. But if you face such a problem in the future then you can tackle it because you have a solution now.

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