What to Wear Hiking in Summer?

Are you planning for hiking and don’t know What to Wear Hiking in Summer? The hiking dress depends on the area where you live and the climate you choose for hiking. You also need to consider the humidity with the temperature when deciding to go hiking in summer. Always try to wear light colors, loose dresses, and light clothes when you think of hiking in summer.

What to Wear Hiking in Summer?

A comfortable dress is appropriate for hiking so that you can go hiking as long as you want. The following wearables are best for summer hiking;

  • Choose Light Colors

Light colours always reflect the sun’s rays whereas dark colors always absorb the sun’s rays. So prefer light colors in summer so that you stay cool. Choose your shirts, pants, and shorts in white and tan (khaki) colors.

  • Wear Loose Clothes

The clothes that are loose in fit and light in weight are best in summer because these clothes breathe well and help maintain the body temperature. For summer hiking Nylon and Polyester are the best options.

  • Cotton Can Be All Right

You must know cotton is not considered good for outdoors because it absorbs moisture and doesn’t dry fast. This is uncomfortable on cold or wet days. Whereas in summer it may be good for hiking because wet cotton dries slowly and gives a cool feel to the skin. If you like cotton and your skin is not irritated by its wetness, then it is best for you.

What to Wear Hiking in Summer

  • Open Vents

Some clothes like shirts, shorts, and pants are specially designed to incorporate vents of hiking. These vents are proven helpful on hot days by opening them because they improve the flow of air.

  • Choose UPF-rated Clothing

Sun rays are blocked by all clothes to some extent but the clothes with UPF ratting are guaranteed the sunrays protection. The UPF rating is UPF 15, UPF 30, UPF 50+.

  • Cover Up

Wearing extra clothes in summer seems awkward but adding extra coverage can protect us from UV rays, it is also best for sensitive skin. Sun Sleeves, neck scarves, and lightweight long-sleeved shirts provide you with great UV protection.

  • Put a Hat on

A Hat provides better UV protection for your face and neck. A baseball hat has the best shade but a sun hat is much better because it goes all sides round. Provides you full protection from all sides.

  • Cool your Neck

Use a neck gaiter that is UV protective or a wet lightweight cloth and wrap it around your neck or put it on your head. It protects your neck from UV radiation and also keeps it cool. Polymer Crystal scarves are best for maintaining moisture for a long time.

  • Wear Summer Socks

Wear Lightweight socks that perfectly fit you. If your socks are too big then it has wrinkles and rubbing. If your socks are small then it causes pressure and the resultant socks slip.

  • Carry Hydration Pack

Always carry the water bottle or sip tube with you. It will help you to hydrate more frequently. A Sip tube is more preferred than a bottle.

  • Bring a Squirt Bottle

When the hiking is getting boring then you can also plan for a sneak water attack on your fellow friends. In this way, you enjoy the hiking and cool as well.

Extras to Wear and Pack While Hiking in Summer

Carry these extra items with you when you go hiking in the summer;

  • Carry extra water and electrolytes with you.
  • Carry Sun Protection like sunscreen or sun hat etc.
  • Carry the rain gear with you so that you can save yourself from being wet in case of rain.
  • Carry the bug protection net.
  • Carry a lightweight chair or foam just for the chill.

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